A Little Bit About Rachel Jeffries

The first thing even the untrained eye will notice about photos taken by Rachel Jeffries is her unique ability to capture “the moment”—all the deep, rich, wonderful moments she is able to express through her photojournalistic style, moments the average person often takes for granted and misses throughout the busy beltway life of Washington, D.C. Rachel’s photos belt out a nearly audible symphony of color–even in black and white–she has employed her artful, carefully trained and honed eye on behalf of her clients since she opened her photography business in 2006.

An avid, lifelong lover of the great outdoors, raised in the foothills of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains where she spent countless hours soaking in and capturing the state’s nearly incomprehensible ruggedness and beauty, Rachel’s decade-long career in photography is founded on bringing out, as she says, “the natural” in all of her subjects–from a meadow of flowers set against a backdrop of Virginia’s rolling hills to a stuffy corporate event she’s able to bring alive by tuning into the moment; from a family whose striking green eyes are better drawn out with a classic Virginia barn than with a weeping willow, to a wedding event with dozens of loved ones, and some mere acquaintances, of course—all of whom hope to live on in the couple’s treasured wedding album. Rachel calls her style photojournalistic–her approach to photography is to tell a story not from behind keyboard but from behind the lens.

Her love of nature and humanitarian work have taken her to some of the least-explored reaches of the globe–from the closed-off cabanas of Cuba to the gorgeous cliffs of the Galapagos Islands, from the uninhabited corners of Costa Rica to the majestic ports of Puerto Rico. A resident of the Washington, D.C., suburbs since 2001, a mother of three beautiful boys she obsessively photographs against Washington’s historic and historical backdrops.


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